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Once the collection is released, we will also host paid events.

  • NFT owners will have a lifetime Free access to each of them!
  • NFT owners will also be the only ones to access some special events.
  • The ranks will apply on these, so better get some AKI tokens as well.

Holding AKI -Akitsuki token- will be a way to get lower entry fees in paid tournaments.
It is also the the only way to get much higher prizes:

We will always have free entry events throughout the year
but paid tournaments will often take place.

A portion of the money from paid Guardian Games will be allocated to AKI token buyback & burn.

It should give strength to AKI price action and intensify the deflationary mechanism, which will result in even fewer tokens in circulation over time, increasing the scarcity and value of the guard’s native token!

NFT mint price should be around $30.
@Keepers ⚔️ , @Holy Guards ⚔️ and @Protectors ⛩️ can already claim a whitelist spot, open #『🎫』tickets on discord and tell us that you are willing to mint, we will add you to the whitelist.

@Holy Guards ⚔️ will also receive 1 free NFT.

Whitelisted members will be able to mint up to 3 NFTs.

The exact mint price as well as the total amount of NFTs in the collection are yet to be announced.
The mint date? T1 2023 !

We are going to host NFT whitelist giveaways soon, those who are interested please stay tuned.

Thank you clan!

Join the clan!

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