LED driver IC factory Macroblock entered the outdoor naked-eye 3D display supply chain, and shipments began to sprint in an all-round way. The legal person is optimistic that with the continuous upgrade of outdoor display specifications, Macroblock’s shipment momentum will have the opportunity to start to heat up again, driving the follow-up performance to improve.

Free photo modern monitor on elegant tableOutdoor glasses-free 3D displays have recently set off a global upsurge. The United States, South Korea, China and Taiwan have all begun to introduce ultra-realistic outdoor glasses-free 3D displays in their buildings, creating a new wave of business opportunities in the LED large-scale display supply chain.

The supply chain pointed out that Macroblock has successfully entered the outdoor naked-eye 3D display market with small-pitch LED driver ICs. Currently, led display it is cooperating with module factories to grab this big pie, and related products have begun mass production and shipment, so that Macroblock is shipping. The kinetic energy began to heat up again, allowing Accumulation to bring new camp sports energy while being affected by the epidemic.

In fact, Macroblock’s performance in the outdoor display market has always been quite impressive. Because the product quality ranks first in the world, Macroblock’s small-pitch LED driver ICs are widely used in display screens such as sports events, concerts and e-sports events.

Regarding the advantages of its own outdoor display product line, Macroblock pointed out that for outdoor advertising screens, the brightness adjustment function enables the LED display to exert the characteristics of LED high brightness during the day, so even in the sun, the LED display can be clearly seen. The content displayed on the screen; but at night, the light damage caused by high-brightness LEDs must be avoided, so the brightness of the LED display must be reduced, but while adjusting the brightness, it has the advantage of not sacrificing grayscale.

Macroblock announced that its consolidated revenue for February 2021 was 146 million yuan (NTD, the same below), a year-on-year decrease of 1.3%. The cumulative consolidated revenue for the first two months was 338 million yuan, which is almost the same as the same period in 2020. The legal person pointed out that although the current epidemic is still affecting the holding of various large-scale events, which has impacted the performance of Macroblock’s LED driver IC shipments, due to the increase in semiconductor manufacturing costs, Macroblock has also reflected part of the cost increase to customers, so that operating performance will not continue to decline , The follow-up will wait for the outbreak of MiniLED business opportunities and the strong demand for pull goods brought by the unblocking of the epidemic.

In the MiniLED product line, Macroblock has two major product lines including modules and driver ICs at the same time. It currently has commercial mass production standards. The industry expects that as Apple, Samsung and other major manufacturers begin to introduce MiniLED technology into their terminal products, Macroblock will produce The cargo kinetic energy is expected to start to climb.

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