NFTs are coming

NFTS ARE COMING Once the collection is released, we will also host paid events.NFT owners will have a lifetime Free access to each of them!NFT owners will also be the only ones to access some special events.The ranks will apply on these, so better get some AKI tokens as well.Holding AKI -Akitsuki token- will be a way to get lower entry fees in paid tournaments.It is also the the only way to get much higher prizes:We will always have free entry events throughout the yearbut paid tournaments will often take place.A portion of the money from paid Guardian Games will…

by Cyberdogg
January 21, 2023

An important step

AN IMPORTANT STEP Welcome to our new website! It is still under construction at the moment, but you can already see the potential it carries. We will soon be adding an Ethereum wallet connection, people will be able to participate in paid tournaments as well as in free Guardian Games. AKI token holder already have their roles on Discord thanks to the Collabland bot. We will make it possible to connect your wallet to the website and automatically get your role in order to participate in our tournaments and benefit from your holdings. The first Crypto Esport League has arrived!…

by Cyberdogg
January 14, 2023

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