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Welcome to our new website!

It is still under construction at the moment, but you can already see the potential it carries.

We will soon be adding an Ethereum wallet connection, people will be able to participate in paid tournaments as well as in free Guardian Games.

AKI token holder already have their roles on Discord thanks to the Collabland bot. We will make it possible to connect your wallet to the website and automatically get your role in order to participate in our tournaments and benefit from your holdings.

The first Crypto Esport League has arrived! People will pay ETH to participate in paid tournaments, Akitsuki will take a fee and use some of it to buyback and burn AKI token, bringing AKI even more rarity and value over time.

At the moment we are relying on AKI volume to generate cash prizes, we also have a cash prize pool from our initial liquidity offering. Part of the taxes on AKI token are set aside so that we can generate ETH via DeFi in the near future. However, this may take time and we need to fill the war chest as soon as possible. Thus, receiving income from paid tournaments will help the project reach the amount of ETH we need to be able to generate annual cash prizes using DeFi protocols.

We have already reached 600 players on our Challengermode space , 500 AKI token holders, and more than 2000 members on discord. AKI is live for 3months only, and all we’ve already done together is quite outstanding:

Already 7 Major Guardian Games on League of Legends and Rocket League, each of them being full. Already 8 poker tournaments, with 200 to 300 players participating every weekend!

All of this because of our amazing community! Akitsuki Clan is the first Crypto Esport community, and it is definitely here to stay!

We focused on fundamentals, building and listening to the community for already one year! And it already pays off big time!

Our token launch was crazy, we hit hardcap in 3 days, went live on Uniswap and saw AKI marketcap close to a million! Since then, the bear market and the FTX drama did not help, the price of the token went down and finally found its bottom around 75k Marketcap.

Now that the market is recovering, AKI is already close to the 100K MC, and we haven’t started marketing yet as we focus on building in order to earn the success we seek!

This is just the beginning, we can’t wait to release the next features of our new gaming platform! Stay tuned, register on the website, join the clan on discord and get ready for the next Guardian Game!


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